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Lines of action

Lines of action

From the “Talking about drugs” programme we approach the prevention of drug-taking
from an innovative and global perspective, aimed at young people,
families, educators and healthcare professionals.

Lines of work

How does someone become an addict? What is the addiction process? How do drugs affect the brain, the organs and our behaviour? These questions and others will be answered through the virtual visit of the “Let's talk about drugs” exhibition. The exhibition begins with full information about what drugs are and, through interactive modules and innovative audiovisual supports, you discover the effects of taking drugs on the brain and behaviour.

In a simulated game of Russian roulette, we can discover the probabilities of becoming addicted to any type of drug. Moreover, we can check how they affect us not only psychologically but also physically.

“Let's talk about drugs” is an exhibition that forms part of the ”la Caixa” Foundation programme for the prevention of drug-taking, which is organised by Dr. Rafael Maldonado, university chair in Pharmacology at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, and the aim of which is to alert people to the risks of the use and abuse of drugs, and provide updated information and elements of critical evaluation in order to take decisions in favour of good health.

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