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Talking about Drugs Congress

Talking about Drugs Congress
One of the lines of work of the programme is the holding of a congress that creates space for reflection and debate in a professional way, with the participation of the agents most involved, as a working tool.

The CosmoCaixa in Barcelona was, on the 3, 4 and 5 of June 2009, a centre of debate, criticism and analysis of the strategies being undertaken from different institutions about preventing the consumption of drugs.

In collaboration with:
La Caixa Gobierno de España Fundación de ayuda contra la drogadicción

Opening speech by Dr. Nora Volkow, Director of the NIDA of the United States

The Talking about Drugs Congress, aimed at adolescents, families, and education professionals, recreated a space of reflection and dialogue in which more than 600 experts from the educational, preventive and healthcare sphere took an in-depth look in the analysis of the social context of families and young people, in order to make the attitudes of civil society more realistic and committed. Among some of the most representative figures present were the Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) of the United States, Nora Volkow, the Sociology professor Javier Elzo, the psychologist and expert in adolescence Jaume Funes and the Pharmacology professor Rafael Maldonado.

As well as the different talks and conferences, two activities were undertaken, aimed at young students, in which the work previously done in the classroom was reflected upon and debated among the different work groups, from which a glossary of representative conclusions was compiled. Moreover, Dra. Volkow led a debate with 300 students who explained their concerns and questions about the world of drugs from a scientific point of view.

Alongside this, the congress organised a series of training workshops for attendees in order to go further into prominent aspects of the "Let's talk about drugs" programme.

Collaborating entities :

Ajuntament de Barcelona Generalitat de Catalunya Diputació Barcelona Renfe Iberia